What is LOVE

Did you know that 'What is Love' was the most searched phrase on Google in 2012?

images-18What is your Love Story? 

Do you want more Love in your life? Do you keep attracting the emotionally unavailable one? Or are you feeling disconnected from Love? Whatever your story you will find your answers here. 

Whats your Love IQ?images-21

Did you know that Love has a frequency?

images-24Did you know that Love is something you give? Did you know that the more you feel connected to yourself, your source, the universe, your angels and appreciate that you are a soul in a physical body having a human experience, then the less you feel you need anything from outside yourself?

Did you know that you can lift your Love frequency by listening to 528 hz on You Tube? Here is one example of a Love frequency which floods the brain with delta waves so you can feel all loved up within yourself. https://youtu.be/v2CvZ6MzMX0

images-23Did you know that you are the source of unlimited love and when you feel depleted of Love that means you have simply disconnected from yourself?

Did you know that the quickest way to feel love is to give it to yourself or someone else? 

Did you know that Love is a behaviour? 

images-25Did you know that Love, gives, cares, hugs, appreciates, allows, kisses, smiles, connects, shows kindness, feels happy, positive and joy?



The only difference between a Loving person and a lonely person is self awareness. 


Understand that the heart has an electromagnetic field 5000 times larger than the brain. This means that by understanding your heart energy and by using it to connect instead of your head you will over time feel the magnificence of the connection that already resides within you. 




Become a Love Magnet, listen to this fantastic guided Hypnosis regularly and re-program your mind to attract, releasing all negative programming. 

How to improve the Love in your life.imgres-11 

  1. When we understand that we are energetic beings, even our thoughts are energy, then we will over time master the life we were blessed to have. Here is a great example how to created harmony in relationships. https://youtu.be/vcCuEq-KEhA
  2. Release all expectations on another as this will always cause separation. Trying to control another to Love you the way you want is the strongest indicator that self love is missing. By focusing on how you can expect more of yourself when it comes to Love, this will bring you to a new place of awareness and what Love actually is.
  3. The better you feel about yourself the better you will feel within a relationship with another. Its all your stuff. Keep in mind that any mis-alignment within the relationship is always a misalignment within yourself. Where are you not being honest with yourself? Think of the word relationship as the word connection, therefore the more you want a connection with another you are saying 'I don't have a strong enough one with myself can I have some of yours,' because if you practiced this alignment within yourself first you would naturally send out a frequency of connectedness, therefore attracting the same. 
  4. If you want Love give Love, feel Love, have Loving thoughts, as this will create a frequency of Love. However always do it from a place of being genuine, because if you do it with a hidden agenda it will not be reciprocated. Give from an authentic heart because you want to make another happy and watch the space of Love flow. 
  5. Note to self: Whenever we blame another for the connection not working we have failed to look in the mirror. Blame will always keep the same drama occurring. Blame is a great indication that you need to clear some old beliefs, habits, and thoughts to be the the flow of love again. 
  6. Don't try and fix the relationship, just work on yourself. The more you have a happy relationship/connection with yourself the happier all your relationships/connections will be. 

How to attract Love into your Life. images-22

  1. Recognise you are the source of love, so its important to remove any Love blocks like thoughts, beliefs, fears and self doubt, remember the universe brings you more of what you think about. Therefore, if you pine for Love, you are telling the universe you have lack, so like energy you will attract more lack. 
  2. Practice mediation and guided Hypnosis on You tube to lift your self value so you know you are fully deserving of Love. This is the main reason people don't attract it because they unconsciously don't believe they are worth it. Here is an example to increase your self value in unlimited ways. https://youtu.be/SkAQKZpcJvY
  3. Practice giving love energetically, this will benefit you as well as another person. This guided meditation is by a dear friend of mine. Gabriel Gonsalves. https://youtu.be/Vv_co-zSE4I
  4. Practice self Love daily, by seeing yourself as loveable, feel love coming from your heart radiating in all direction. Place your hand on your heart several times a day and say, I am open to Love. Be kind to yourself and remember what we seek outside of ourselves is simply because we forgot that we can give it to ourselves. Remember Love is already within you. 
  5. Write down what you have to offer a person in your life, how valuable do you see yourself as a person and how much Love do you have to give. Most people just want someone because they lack love and want another person to give it to them. The difference between a loving person and a lonely person is self awareness. 
  6. The more you feel Love the more you will emit it out to the universe. The frequency of Love that you will feel with be matched as energy attracts energy. Here is an example. https://youtu.be/TBLZ2vkRKRY

The Love Attractor Energy Creator. 

This is a powerful process. Speak this out loud from your heart everyday, twice a day if you can and keep a gratitude journal about what happens and how warm, beautiful and great you will feel. 

Source EnergyI am Love. As I place my hand on my heart I know within my soul how it would feel to be in love with me. I am an amazing loving beautiful soul and I can feel all of my love that I have to offer now. I love feeling so warm and beautiful everyday. I feel this life force of love that flows through me now and I love it. I love that I am fully connected to the greatest love energy of all and it radiates through my body into all my cells and I feel so loved. I can feel it. I love showing love to others and I love receiving love from others, I love being in this love vibration and I know I create the most powerful loving connections, I can feel it. I recognise love everyday, I recognise what I have and know that I have beautiful meaningful loving connections. I am free to love and its fun and meaningful. I am relaxed right now in love and I love that all as I have to do is be myself, the beautiful loving being that I am everyday. I love feeling so wanted and loved and desired, it is so good, I can feel it. I love all the beautiful people in my life and I love all the ones that I am about to meet. I love my life so much, I love what I do that brings me so much joy and prosperity and I am so grateful for all love and freedom I have in my life, I am grateful that I love myself inside and out and it is my promise to myself from this day forward, that I will always love me. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the loving connections that are in my life. And so it is. Blessed Be. 

Create the Love you want - you now have a choice. 

The only difference between a Loving person and a lonely person is a lack of self awareness.

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