Mary-Anne inspires minds and empowers people on radio, in her books, on stage and over Skype with clients all over the globe. From international sports people, corporate general managers, business owners, the y generation and mums and dads,  she is a compelling media personality. Dedicated to empowering humanity, Mary-Anne's intention is to offer her gifted insights tools and techniques with balance, empathy, humour and authenticity so you can create happiness and success from the inside out. 

Radio Interview about Mary-Anne's gift on The-Breeze.pngWith Al. Jan 2013.



Mary-Anne is known as a Parapsychologist as she has studied levels of consciousness and the science of the mind for two decades. Her Intuitive gift is beyond the learned sciences such as numerology, although she has an innate ability to read the energetic frequency of the numerical system, offering her clients exceptional insights. 


The Fans name a few

More-FM.jpgKirt Richards – Breakfast Show Host, Mediaworks

When Mary-Anne was on air on the breakfast show every fortnight we were Number One with females 25-45 yrs. She was amazing to watch, so empathetic and accurate, and the audience loved her!


 More-FM.jpgVinnie Aston Breakfast Radio Host, More FM Tauranga 2008-2013.I first met Maryanne when she agreed to come on our breakfast radio show regularly and work her magic with our listeners. She was absolutely adored and highly regarded, providing insight into what she does and helping listeners in their lives. I have also personally used Maryanne’s services for my own life with immediate results in terms of direction, inspiration and outcomes. I highly recommend Maryanne as a thoroughly professional and gifted person, leadership coach and mentor who certainly creates clarity and focus, helping people get out of their own way.

newstalkZB-logo.pngMike Yardley of Newstalk ZB – ex skeptic
“There are some definite cranks out there however Mary-Anne fascinates me. The very first day she came onto the show was the first time I met her. She handed me a 2 page note, which she said was a summary of the messages she had gleaned from spirit the night before. I was literally gobsmacked by the incisive and completely accurate account Mary-Anne had written. She struck the jackpot on every aspect of my life she referred to. Not even my closest friends or family would have known some of my deepest, inner-most thoughts, yet Mary-Anne did. It was like my brain and soul had been x-rayed. She blew me away, just like she did every-time she was on air.


419271_352484764784471_1330095785_nJulie – Owner of Vixen Vines Wine bar – Melbourne. Mary-Anne has done several “Live Shows” with around 50 people at a time in the Audience. If I could fit more in I would, she is so good! She is fast, accurate, engaging and humorous, my clients “Loved her”, Highly recommended!!!!! Give me a call if you want a reference, Julie Melbourne Australia.



Jude, Business Owner NZ - What you did for me when I needed a business coach was someone who understood me, said it how it was and got on with actually helping me so much with ideas and solutions, not dilly dallying around with bullshit like so many so called professional coaches do these days. Thank-you so much for all your skills. Just get anyone to call me if they want a reference Mary-Anne.

J&P Southey, Property Developers - She has some great techniques that quickly get you the results you need. I have had many coaches but I feel the difference with Maryanne is she has so many tricks up her sleeve she works out what you need to move forward and quickly and gets results. We have worked with Maryanne with our business for over 2 years now with great success. Maryanne is great to work with as she works out exactly what is going on with you personally that reflect the business results.  Thanks again Maryanne for everything you do for us.

Rowena Gould,  Melbourne – OMG, I cant thank you enough Mary-Anne your Coaching has been outstanding and life changing for me in so many ways. I have completely started loving my life so much, finances, relationships everything is just getting better and better! You are a miracle worker!!!! I have experienced such lasting and fast results, thank-you!! If you are considering making any change in your life, Mary-Anne Frank is so good at what she does, I highly highly recommend her. Just ask her for my phone number if you want to know more.

 John Wingate – Simply amazing to speak with. Very inspiring and truthful. Highly recommended.

Oslyn Mitchell, Melbourne – I saw Mary-Anne do a live show, she blew me away about what accurate detail she gave about my partner, but the great thing was the excellent advice and insights she shared. My partner and I have also both used Mary-Anne Frank for EFT and Coaching as she is like a magician the way she knows exactly how to get to the core of the issues. EFT is amazing, and after every session I feel on top of my game. She has helped me incredibly, a very talented lady.


Cris Casares – Argentina, Just a big thank you for everything. Your tapping. Your energy. Your advice. I am happy and want to cry at the same time. You are amazing and specially gifted. Besos

Mary-Anne Frank

An Inspirational book on relationships, love, self worth and more

The Cinderella Evolution is a wonderful book of insights into how to feel empowered to create the best of relationships.




Here is the interview with Hay House.


Our Ulimate Truth Book Cover 1Are you tired of feeling anxious all the time and just wish you never had to worry about what anyone else thought? Have you ever noticed how your mood seems to depend on either how much money you have, how you look, or whether you feel successful or wanted? Do you wish you could change that frustrating feeling of ‘when am I just going to get there’ and simply attract what you want? Just imagine how great it would feel if you could just let go and have enough faith that in this big universe of ours, everything is going to be okay. Inside these pages, you will discover who you really are and how to release all those unwanted thoughts and feelings that keep you from feeling excited about life and amazed to be you. Together, we delve into the human psyche, which will take you on a confronting and empowering journey of self-discovery that will challenge you to the core in the most inspirational ways. And, it is my promise to you that you will be offered a complete new awareness, so that part of you where your soul craves freedom will find your ultimate truth.

Womens Weekly


Did you know that Mary-Anne was asked to do the "Reading' for Will and Kate's Wedding by the Women's Weekly. My Promo Photo

Reading Womens Weekly

Book a emailed recorded reading today. All as you need to do is supply Mary-Anne your date of birth and that of your partner and she will record a reading for you which is approximately 20 minutes long. She will use your birth date to tune into your energy and give you all the information about where you are at, what you are feeling and the solutions to create what you are wanting. You are welcome to ask her a question or leave it to her high frequency to connect so you can create clarity and certainty to thrive. 

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