Hand energyFACT: A person who is happy internally by not needing anything externally or anyone else to make them feel happy is someone with a high spiritual IQ. Internal happiness comes from the connected to self (divine intelligence) and the amount of spiritual intelligence someone has. This gives this person the genuine ability to respond and direct their life with ease and a joyful heart.
Having a high spiritual IQ gives a massive advantage to any person due to the high states of self awareness it creates, so you can enjoy internal and external happiness at the same time, which is ultimate freedom. This practice is for anybody who is tired of living an egotistical life
When people have lots of money this gives them the ability to buy stuff that gives them external happiness, but it doesn't last for long, so they have to buy more stuff or better stuff to feel happy again and the cycle of the egotistical life is never ending. This is why money can not buy happiness when the person is not internally free. There is nothing wrong with having an affluence lifestyle it only feel wrong when the real self is buried in trying to look good. 
When you have a high SIQ you know who you are, how your mind works and most importantly how to feel good on the inside consistently and this is what is called, being in flow. By being in flow you are internally free.
No-one can attune to these great feelings and be in flow consistently without a high spiritual IQ.

How high is your spiritual IQ?

If you answer YES to all of these questions you have a high spiritual IQ
Do you consciously practice high vibrational thoughts and feelings?
Do you meditate everyday?
Do you take 100% responsibility for how you feel?
Do you have the genuine ability to respond to life?
Do you acknowledge that you are a spiritual being having a human experience?
Do you acknowledge you have a soul?
Do you connect inward daily and acknowledge appreciate and celebrate yourself?
Are you aware of who you are being?
Do you exercise everyday and drink plenty of water?
Do you read, listen to podcasts or watch u tube clips to emotionally learn and grow?
Can you change your energy by changing your thinking?
Do you acknowledge that you are energy and have a frequency?
Do you use daily tools and techniques to keep your frequency high?
Do you understand your life purpose?
Are you happy to be you?
Do you live your values and know with clarity what they are?
Do you have a vision for your life?
Do you live with Intention?
Do you value yourself and others?
If you answer YES to these questions below then you have a low spiritual IQ and this will be why you feel you are suffering. 
Do you feel up and down emotionally and blame others for how you feel?
Do you feel alone isolated or left out?
Do you worry about not having enough money?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Do you get frustrated often, react and are quick to anger? 
Do you feel sad often?
Do you worry about what others think?
Do you use alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, porn, gambling or gaming to feel better, get relief, feel in control or to calm you down? 
Do you feel guilt, unhappiness or shame about your addiction?
Do you run others down, especially family or your partner?
Do you watch a lot of TV and the News?
Do you say no to invitations because you cant be bothered?
Do you criticise yourself in the mirror?
Do you judge others?
Do you only feel happy when its sunny?
Do you worry about the future?
Do you lack energy?
Do you get triggered by what others suggest or say?
Do you feel insecure?
Do you have a habit or phobia you wish you could change?
The Truth is there is nothing wrong with you, its simply how we were programmed that is causing your low spiritual IQ. The lack of awareness and inner connection causes the inconsistent feelings of lack and unhappiness. The GOOD NEWS is that we can change the programming easily as its just data and by doing so with a little fabulous new awareness, tools and techniques and fine tuning, together, we will make life for you feel amazing. 
Key ImageI recommend this to everybody!, I spent years suffering from anxiety, worrying about what everybody else thought, reacting to life and feeling like there was something wrong with me. After spending two incredible days with Mary-Anne I feel so clear, I now have life changing tools to genuinely respond to life and I know what I want and I feel free. Three cheers to Mary-Anne. Highly recommended you have to experience it for yourself, its amazing. Lil Olierook, Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

Key ImageThis has been the most life altering experience, I feel amazing.  Mary-Anne gave me the tools and techniques to release my fear. This is now the first time since my husband passed suddenly mid life that I have felt safe and capable to master my life and celebrate my life. I can not recommend Mary-Anne's Coaching ability highly enough' Christine McFadden, December 2015.

      This client experienced 4 days of the Self Mastery course. 

Key ImageJames. NZ 2016 3rd June 2013 I arrived  in the South Island to visit Mary-Anne Frank - Depressed, divorced, in debt, stressed, emotionally bankrupt, etc (Ego still intact) I thought Mary-Anne had a go-pro camera on my shoulder for the last 6 years - with empathy, understanding, guidance and EFT  Mary-Anne calmed me down and quieten the ‘noise’ in my head. I returned home 4 days later empowered and inspired to become an authentic man of value. Mary-Anne is an integral part of my current business and personal success. Make the call 

Star makerWhat you can expect to experience one on one with me is to discover your beliefs, perceptions, expectations and hidden agendas that limit you and keep you feeling separate alone and disconnected. From that knowledge together we can clear them and find out what you really want, so you can create it. I will show you how to connect to the real you and give you tools and techniques to feel safe, valuable and prosperous from the inside out that will serve you for the rest of your life. Explore and gain insights into your purpose, experience a life review, past present and future to understand who you really are and why you are really here. Release self doubt for good and find meaning in your life so you can love who you are and shine.

Email or call me below to discuss your options, because if you are reading this, its time. 

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