Human beings will finally come to realise that we are all a part of a divine intelligence, a matrix, a universal genius in which everything is connected. Everything is energy, consciousness and a hologram of explainable and unexplainable miracles only discovered by awareness. 


This is the most educational video and life lessons you will learn if you are interesting in the cure for cancer, that we are far more than our bodies and what we think of our current brain and who we really are. Do yourself a favour and watch this and become aware of what your emotions are truly about and how you can create through intention the life you want. Yes people we are that powerful and yes people we have been misled. This is all scientific proof that will blow your mind. 



When you are conscious that you are energy and that you have a frequency then you will be able to have the genuine ability to feel good for longer periods of time effortlessly. 


The Universe is made up of scared Geometry and interestingly enough all these appear in scared places here in earth. Is the universe trying to tell us something?

Two must see movies available here free on You Tube that will increase your awareness without question. 

The Top Secret Stuff that only a few know, however here is some of it