What is Wealth IQ

Just imagine having the genuine ability to feel so excited about life, so passionate and free. Imagine being able to live in appreciation and continuously attract great people, opportunities and money into your life consistently. How do we do it? It's called 'Wealth Consciousness' By being consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings and the frequency that we are operating at, will determine our result. This page explains more. Enjoy.

By uncovering your wealth blocks you will be able to attract opportunities, people, and money to live the life you truly want. Allow yourself the freedom of choice we all deserve. 




Proof how Law of Attraction Works. Wherever your frequency is, is what you will attract. Think Wealth, create Wealth.


Do you want to attract more money in your life?

Do you want to attract a better life?

Did you know that your thoughts attract your reality?

Think lack, attract more lack. Think wealthy thoughts and attract more opportunities, great connections, positive friends, more money and an affluent lifestyle. 

Law of Attraction is a proven science. Become an unlimited being. Did you know that you are the solution to your life? And that your unconscious thoughts are the reason that you are not aware of, for the current feelings your are experiencing. If you want to experience joy, happiness and abundance then book a session today.



Why are you currently feeling the way you are? It is proven that you are nothing more than the thoughts you are thinking which are causing the feelings you are feeling. These feelings send out a vibration which has a frequency that seeks the same energy. Like attracts like. This means you have the power to change your life by changing your thoughts which will give you the emotional fuel to change your life the way you want it to look. 

Use this powerful Law of Attraction Exercise and increase money now.

Wealth energy - Say out loud everyday for 30 days and change your wealth energy - Simply feel the words and thrive. 

I have everything I need now and forever more, I am financially safe right now, and forever. That is source. I can always attract more money, more money is coming too me I can feel it, there is always more money on the way, I am so pleased I can create more money, money flows to me all the time, if I recall all the hundreds and thousands of dollars that I have created in the past, I already know that I am an amazing money creator far beyond my current income, I am so grateful I attract money, money just keeps coming in, that is source. I remember now money can come from all avenues, there are mega money portals available for me, more financial abundance is on the way I can feel it, and I accept it, actually money is seeking me, wealth is seeking me, people want to pay me for things I didn't even know I was selling, I attract money from the past, and I attract money in the present moment, I am a money attractor because money loves me and I love money, I enjoy money, I love the richness of the financial flow this feeling money gives me, money gives to me so many options, money is my friend, I see money everywhere in my present and my future. That is source. I see myself in this abundant prosperous life. I love feeling this wealthy healthy lifestyle, I love it so much, and I appreciate all the experiences money gives me, all the personal growth opportunities, the travel, the fine hotels, the first class experiences, I am so happy I can afford anything my heart desires, I love and thank the vibration of money that I attract daily and I give thanks for this vibration of wealth being such a valuable part of my life, I am so very grateful for all the prosperity in my life about this vibration called money, I hold money with respect and joy in knowing I can go anywhere and do anything because I have loads of money. I give myself permission to be wealthy. I give myself permission to be loved. I love being generous with my money and helping so many people have positive experiences as well. I value myself so much that money naturally clings to me, I value what I do so much that money falls out of the sky for me, I am rewarded everyday for being me, I live in appreciation of my skills, my talents, my positive attractive energy, wealth is easy for me to attract, respect is easy for me to attract, love is easy for me to attract because I know I am worthy of exceptional prosperity, joy, love abundance and happiness. I am now open to receive opportunity, respect, love and money as I expand into this vibration for the greater good.  I feel and accept and draw all the love, respect and prosperity to me now. I have faith that I can take care of myself and I have faith in the universe that I am taken care of as I am so worthy to experience this exceptional creation of life at the highest vibration. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you Universe for giving me the wealth that I deserve. That is source. And so be it. Blessed Be. 


Now thats personal progress huh?


The only difference between a poor person and a wealthy person is AWARENESS. 

Increase your frequency now and book a session with Mary-Anne to learn more details CLICK HERE

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