What is Wealth IQ

Just imagine having the genuine ability to feel so excited about life, so passionate and free. Imagine being able to live in appreciation and continuously attract great people, opportunities and money into your life consistently. How do we do it? It's called 'Wealth Consciousness' By being consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings and the frequency that we are operating at, will determine our result. This page explains more. Enjoy.

By uncovering your wealth blocks you will be able to attract opportunities, people, and money to live the life you truly want. Allow yourself the freedom of choice we all deserve. 




Proof how Law of Attraction Works. Wherever your frequency is, is what you will attract. Think Wealth, create Wealth.


Do you want to attract more money in your life?

Do you want to attract a better life?

Did you know that your thoughts attract your reality?

Think lack, attract more lack. Think wealthy thoughts and attract more opportunities, great connections, positive friends, more money and an affluent lifestyle. 

Law of Attraction is a proven science. Do you want to practice feeling unlimited. Did you know that you are the solution to your happiness? Did you know that your unconscious thoughts are the reason for the current feelings that your are experiencing. If you want to experience joy, love, happiness and abundance then book a session today.



Why are you currently feeling the way you are? It is proven that you are nothing more than the thoughts you are thinking which are causing the feelings you are feeling. These feelings send out a vibration which has a frequency that seeks the same energy. Like attracts like. This means you have the power to change your life by changing your thoughts which will give you the emotional fuel to change your life the way you want it to look. 

Use this powerful law of attraction exercise to increase your self worth to attract love and prosperity in your life now.

Keep a journal of what magic happens in your life over the next 60 days. Remember what we practice we create. After that time you may like to keep it as a daily ritual to live your life in joy and abundance. 

Speak out loud and feel the words. 

I am aware that I have everything I need within me now and forever more. I love being accountable for myself, because I am one with God as God is within me. And because of this I accept that I am never alone. I accept that I am accountable for my life, my decisions, my self acceptance, my health, my wealth and who I stand for. I accept that I am accountable for my actions, my behaviour, the connections that I make and attract and all the love and abundance that I create. 

I accept that I am free to make my own decisions. I am open  and available to receive and accept the abundant flow of prosperity, joy, love, health and wealth available to me now. There is always good on my path, everything is unfolding perfectly for me, everything is working out for me, my future is bright and beautiful, my now is wonderful, as love flows through me, wealth falls into my lap effortlessly. I draw this vibration to me in its fullness now. I deserve it, I always did, I always will and I always have. Love is my vibration. I am a positive attractor. Opportunity comes easily to me, its effortless for me to attract really good people into my life who honour, help and support me on my journey as I honour help and support them. 

I connect within myself and have full faith because I accept that I am never alone. I accept that I am an incredible human being so I can do this. Life supports me, I support me, the universe and my angels support me and others support me. I feel fully supported and loved. I accept that I am the student of life and this humbles me as I recognise that everyone is here to teach me something valuable. I feel so grateful for my life. I feel so grateful for my friendships, I am so grateful for my health, I am so grateful for the love in my life and the wealth in my bank account. I feel so grateful for my business contacts, all the opportunity that is available for me. I feel so grateful for discovering that to love myself is the answer. And the more I value, and accept myself, the more others will value and accept me. I also understand that I am not for everyone and thats okay, because I accept myself as I stand in my light. I am so grateful for my awareness, my spirituality, and knowing that I am on the right path. I feel so grateful for all support that I have in my life. I feel so grateful for my loving supportive partner. I am so grateful to myself.  

I choose to be of service to others and live my life for the greater good. My skills, my talents my ability and potential is unlimited as I stand in my light and offer others the space to raise their consciousness so they can find their peace. In doing so I consider myself first and then others when I make decisions, as I listen to my body, and honour my needs, I appreciate and understand that they have needs as well and where ever possible I will support them. My willingness to be patient and compassionate towards myself and others helps my cause for the greater good.

I live in my heart where I connect to God and feel secure, I feel the love that flows through me now, As I connect to the God within I feel courageous, I am safe, and all is well in my world. I am never alone.

I know that I am worth far more than money, and because of this it is easy for me to attract what ever my heart desires in the material world. Its easy, effortless, and I love it.

I acknowledge myself daily that I am loveable, creative, talented, resourceful, attractive and resilient and I am open and available to receive an abundant flow of positivity pouring into all areas of my life. 

I am so grateful to God, my guardian angel and my angels for guiding me to love and value myself and others before money, time and status. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you. 

And so be it, blessed be. 


The only difference between a poor person and a wealthy person is AWARENESS. 

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